9. Why not organize some social media campaign and give out roles?

Written by the Phezzan team

The Phezzan team thought long and hard about doing a campaign that involves giving out Discord contributor roles to the winners. We decided not to do that. Here is a long and somewhat needless answer:

1. Those marketing tricks are mostly used by NFT and GameFi projects. Those projects use them because a)it requires little to none knowledge to participate and b)most of those projects are just pump and dump. They are not thinking long term.

2. We, the Phezzan team, want to make money and want to make some big money. We know for a fact that making fast money and making lots of money do not work in the same way. One of the core differences is how Phezzan Protocol builds its reputation - a protocol that protects it, or a protocol that does not give a crap.

3. We truly do believe in DeFi and want to make a contribution, to be part of the change. We want to play the long-term game. That's why we are not launching token till PMF, not doing international channels now, not using USDT/USDC.

Note: obviously this has changed because of the Luna thing. Ouch. We still believe in decentralized stablecoins though. Check out FRAX if you get a chance.

4. All that being said, we want to build Phezzan Protocol as a serious product, where people can trust us with their money. We know crypto is about no trusting anyone, but that is the vision, not reality. Most people who use our product will not have the technical abilities to exam our code. So they will judge our product by our reputation and reputation only. Doing the same things as NFT or GameFi projects in the early stages to create hype will not contribute to a good reputation.

5. Doing retweet + follower is easily manipulated. Airdrop hunters have all kinds of sophisticated methods to get airdrops, mostly by using bots.

6. Even if the newcomers are real people. It is unlikely that they will be future traders or LPs.

7. The Phezzan team would like the Discord contributor role to really mean something. People may ask why not a separate and less prestigious role? The Phezzan team simply does not have the time. We are a small team with limited resources. Our most valuable asset is our time and we have to use it wisely. Building testent, fundraising, building mainnet V1, and getting to know our community as real human beings are much more important than a hype campaign. We may do that in the future on TG to create some hype, but not in our Discord server, where we want to keep conversations serious.

Note: in a few days another member raised questions about the role system. The Phezzan team thus decided to implement a new role system. We now have a 4-page long Discord role system. You can read more about it in Phezzan Discord #role-system-discussion and #how-to-role channels. If you are not in our Discord server, you can take a look at the rules and points in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R-YNpooHkPlJN5_5pqck_6KY3Zeg8oViH7eOUkmi3oI/edit?usp=sharing

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