8. Give 3 killing words what is different from other DEX.

Written by the Phezzan team

Note: this question comes from the old days when Phezzan was based on $UST and $aUST so some details are outdated. But the idea is the same.

1. If you are making a meme, I would suggest something like "Terra married zkSync", interesting and insightful.

Now let's get serious.

2. For marketing, yes, "Earn 19.45% APY" would be the answer. But it's not the perfect one because there is no perfect answer.

The Phezzan team has a vision for DeFi, it involves decentralized stablecoins such as UST, best speed/fee by zkSync 2.0, innovation such as using interest generating assets as collateral, quality UI/UX to attract people from CEXs, and composability by AMM.

Our vision in 3 words would be meaningless because it will be some vague catchwords like "Decentralized Innovation Composability" which is talked by everyone but achieved by no one.

3. If any user only needs 3 words to decide if they want to use our protocol or any protocol, I say DON'T WASTE MONEY.

DeFi involves real money, people should DYOR. Phezzan Protocol is a DEX, not some pump and dump NFT or GameFi project. Perpetuals and pretty much all financial instruments are risky. People may have earned some easy money in crypto, but it will disappear at the same speed, if not faster, when they are not careful.

If you want to tell your friends about Phezzan Protocol, much appreciated. I would recommend you either take some time to carefully explain our protocol or let your friend DYOR.

4. Those 3 words may change over time. 19.45% APY is achieved by bridging Anchor Protocol but that rate is subject to change. Crypto will change, DeFi will change, and Phezzan Protocol will change too. John Henry Newman said it best:

"To live is to change, and to change often is to become more perfect"

5. To summarize my point, please watch the best president in recent US history, Jed Bartlet, talking about why 10 words won't make any difference at all :


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