1. Ten questions by a member

Written by the Phezzan team

i. Why do we have to ask question to have full access, not found in any server? Because the Phezzan Team wants to build an engaging community that values quality over quantity. We do not care about Discord member count, we care more about the happiness of our community members. Astroport does similar things. Also "not found elsewhere" is a terrible reason not to do something. ii. Has phezzan raised any funding seed, private, VC and at what price it was valued or have received any grants? As of 2022-3-29, no funding and no grants. The Phezzan team plans to raise funds after testnet launch. The valuation may be private but we definitely will make the amount public. iii. How will be tokens allocated for team and what are the cliff and vesting period for team? Team + advisor + investor will have less than 44% at initial token launch, no idea about exact number. No idea about cliff and vesting, but the team will offer double vesting to investors. (eg, if investor is willing to do 6+18, team will do 12+36) The Phezan team is in this for the long run. There may be seed round or private token sale. There will be no public token sale. iv. Why no public token sale? The Phezan team believes it is not responsible to do a public sale before PMF or at the beginning of PMF. If Phezzan Protocol has value, the price difference between private sale and open market at launch will be insignificant. If Phezzan Protocol has no value, there is no point doing a public token sale. v. Who is behind the Phezzan Team and what's the team background and credibility? The Phezzan team asks our community to judge us by our product and code. That being said, if you are willing to tell us who you are in real life, we will do the same. vi. What will be the governance strategy post token launch? For example, proposal discussion, snapshot/ on-chain voting and others No idea ATM. There will be no token till PMF and the team is focused on PMF now. More on this: https://blog.cryptostars.is/why-no-phezzan-token-till-pmf-weekly-update-7-7be2830a9084 and https://docs.google.com/document/d/14B2sDyfg8Yo0GuIJ-x_fXPBR4ec5WeO12h-7AceqjCQ/edit vii. Who manages the protocol revenues. Will it be DAO? Again, no idea ATM and no DAO before PMF. For now the revenue will go to Phezzan Protocol. viii. Will there be multisig? If so how many members in multisig? Not sure but most likely yes. No idea about specific mechanism. ix. Will there be someone from community in multisig? Most likely yes. Who or when or how many undecided. x. What is the estimated time line for audit and token launch? Audit before mainnet, which is estimated in Q3 2022. Ideally the token launch will happen alongside Phezzan Protocol V2, which is in Q1 2023 and will be audited.

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