2. What's the plan to build a DEX 'for average people, not just for established firms and whales?

Written by the Phezzan team

Disclaimer: This is a long term plan and details may change so please don't hold this against us for testnet or V1, even maybe V2. We will improve the protocol based on our insights and users' feedback, not just plan. Better user interface and user experience design. The Phezzan team has lots of experiences in building social networks, including an Apple Store Top 100 app. From an UI/UX perspective, DEXs now are not user friendly compared to CEXs. Speed and gas fees. CEXs are fast and cheap whereas DEXs are slow and expensive. The Phezzan team believes zkRollups is by far the best solution to this problem so we chose to build on zkSync 2.0. Community development. DEXs nowadays, especially perps, focus on whales and don't pay much attention to the average people. The Phezzan team will try to reach out, to connect, to make relevant knowledge more accessible, and to build our user base. So why tier-based fees and rewards? The Phezzan team wants to build a DEX for the average people, but that doesn't mean we don't want whales in our protocol. Tier-based fees is just a good way to develop a sustainable and profitable business. Also there might be many tiers, in which an ordinary trader can get discounts easily.

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