5. Two common questions by new members

Written by the Phezzan team

1. Why does this server have such a complicated role system ? Why do I need to answer question before having full access to this server?

The Phezzan Protocol is a perpetual DEX. Once we launch mainnet, it will be real money and perpetuals are risky. This is serious business thus the team takes a serious approach to everything.

That is why we have textwalls in Phezzan Discord server #faq channel, why we answer every question & suggestion personally, and why team/mods work their ass off.

Back to the original question, we have a complicated role system because we want to build a serious community. A community in which behaviors that benefit Phezzan will be rewarded and behaviors that discredit Phezzan will be punished. This is also a good way to prevent airdrop/role hunters, more on this in the next question.

We do ask members to answer questions before having full access to this server so we can tell from the start who the serious people are. We don't want noise in this server. A quiet server is better than a server with only noise.

2. Why so strict towards airdrop/role hunters ?

Unlike an NFT or GameFi project, Phezzan Protocol is a DEX thus shilling/marketing does not add much value. The value of our protocol is based on the quality of our product and our community, not how many tweets we are mentioned in or how many people are in our Discord server.

Based on our observations from other DeFi communities, airdrop/role hunter only scare away serious traders/LPs. By talking non-sense and shilling, airdrop/role hunters create a vibe that serious traders/LPs cannot stand. This is also known as "Gresham's law".

Airdrop/role hunters also do not create much value to this community nor Phezzan Protocol. They are not going to be future traders/LPs and do not create authentic contents.

So we ban them, hard. The Phezzan team will try its best effort to disappoint airdrop/role hunters, that includes a complicated role system, a manual verification process, and actively banning ANY suspicious airdrop/role hunting activities .

We will also make sure that members who contributed to this community will be rewarded fairly and generously. See Phezzan Discord server #contributes channel for examples.

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