3. Non-custodial wallet - the protection of your assets

This piece is written by @hasaki from Phezzan Discord server

Web3 wallet, such as Metamask or Phantom, has revolutionized the way we save and use our money. Nobody can have access to it except you. Nobody can lock your account or manage your balance for any reason. However, since you are the only one who can manage your assets, you should be more responsible in taking care of them. Every year, a lot of crypto users' wallets are hacked and taken away a lot of money, especially the new users. It is a very frustrating experience.

Now, I will list many reasons why your wallet is hacked and how to avoid it:

1) You connect your wallet to the wrong website or fake website

Hackers will make a fake website in a sophisticated way, for example: real: phezzan.xyz and fake: phezzzan.xyz, which can trick you. When you connect your wallet to these websites, the hackers can have the access to your wallet and take your money. You can easily find these websites in discord private chat ( the fake bot sends it for you ), on the google search , or from your email

=> Never believe anyone who said that they are a team member or a support assistant. Never click the suspect link.

=> If you want to go to the project page, you can use the Coinmarketcap website or from their real Twitter. Don't search for it on the Internet.

2) You show your private key accidentally

When you want to have access to your wallet from another device, you may copy and paste your private key into your own messenger or your telegram chat. However, if the hacker can access your social account, he may have it.

=> Take a picture of your private key or write it down, then you should type it in your new device. It may take you more time, but it will also be safer. 5 minutes is nothing in comparison to losing all of your money. After that, delete the picture

3) You connect to the hacker's smart contract to sell your mysterious token.

One day, you wake up and see there is a large amount of a mysterious token. It is worth more than $2000. Therefore, you add the token contract to the Pancakeswap, after that, you lose all of your money. Sad story. But it has happened before. You can see the Pancakeswap's warning whenever you add a new token contract. IT CAN TAKE YOUR MONEY

=> If you see a new token in your wallet, just ignore it. Don't be greedy.

4) Your device has installed a virus or a malware

This thing happens when you download something that has been installed malware to your computer or click on a suspicious link in your email. This virus can automatically track your password and your private key =

> If you think that your device has some problems, you need to fix it or install a virus detection application.

Ok, now I will give you some tips to avoid your wallet from being hacked:

- You should have at least 2 wallets: Your main wallet to hodl your asset and your sub wallet to do something like airdrop and retroactive.

- Don't click on any suspicious link

- Think twice before connecting to any dapp. Be careful

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