6. Why is Phezzan Protocol website and testnet not user-friendly and poorly designed?

Written by the Phezzan team

1. It's true. Our testnet and website is shitty

We are not one of those teams who live in "The Emperor's New Clothes" fantasies. Despite compliments from our community, the Phezzan team knows that the current testnet and website has much to improve. Phezzzan Discord server #testnet-updates channel has all the known bugs, planned improvements, and requested features. All those go beyond testnet and website. Everything about Phezzan Protocol, from marketing to fundraising to community engagement to engineering capabilities, needs to get much better for Phezzan to become the best DEX.

2. We know this is love

When we learn about a new bug, receive a new feature request, and get criticized for something we have not thought about before, we feel blessed. Only community members who have the best interests of Phezzan Protocol in their minds will raise such issues. They see a future in Phezzan and want to build that future together.

So please don't cut the Phezzan team any slack. When you see something that you don't like, say it. Call out our bullshits, have the highest standards, be Mr. Terence Fletcher in Whiplash.

3. A shitty product in the beginning is expected

When the Phezzan team launched our testnet, we know there are many bugs and it's a unfinished product. We would rather have a shitty product tested by real users than building the whole thing inhouse. Real users, like you, give the best feedback and guide the Phezzan team through the next stages of product development. This development technique is called Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and widely used in Web 2 companies.

More on this, please refer to: http://www.paulgraham.com/startuplessons.html and https://www.ycombinator.com/library/40-the-art-of-shipping-early-and-often

Some products with experienced team and deep pockets may be able to ship a good product without any feedback. Astroport is a good example. They even did not bother to do much testing because the Astroport team just knows what's best. But the Phezzan team is small, has limited resources, and doesn't have much experiences in DeFi. We can never pull that off.

4. We plan to improve

If you have followed the Phezzan team's Discord activities, you know that we work hard. Not to brag but the Phezzan team worked 80-100 hours last week. Each Mod worked at least 20 hours. We tracked every bug report, replied every suggestion, answered every question.

We care about our Phezzan Protocol too much to let it fail. We know we have a shitty product now but we will try our very best to make it better over time. And we can't do that without help from our community.

So please give us some time, stay with us, and let's enjoy this ride together. The Phezzan team will try its best to honor your presence.

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