10. Suggestions about international channels and remove inactive members

Written by the Phezzan team

a) Limit the number of members in language channels:

The Phezzan team will never do that.

Why would the team limit the number of people in a language channel? To make the early members feel superior? To make the early members control how Phezzan operates in a region? If we set a limit, how can anyone know if the first 300 members will create the most value for Phezzan? If we judge by value created, who will make the judgements? If so, should we judge members by how much they can contribute now or how much in the future?

Let's take French as an example. According to Wikipedia, 409 million people speak French globally. If Phezzan accommodates only 300, how are we any different from TradFi, which only servers the privileged, that we dislike so much? I am not saying Phezzan will attract all 409 million people, but we won't close the door for any single one of them.

The Phezzan team asks new member to answer 6 question before having full access to this server so we can keep bots and airdrop hunters out of our community. When a new members answers 6 question and get a @Phezzanians role, that member is part of this community. There will never be activity requirements to stay on this server.

This is crypto and this is decentralized finance, not a club for the boys. Not in any way. And the Phezzan community will never be that way.

b) Identify inactive members and remove them from Phezzan

The Phezzan team will never do that either.

If a member takes a look at other DEX servers, that member will find lots of traders and LPs don't talk much or participate in events much because they focus 100% on the market. Nevertheless they pay close attention to how a protocol is developing. It's great to have zealots or enthusiasts for a protocol and the team love them, but activity can never be the sole benchmark for contribution.

You also used the word "incompetent" and "not worthy", what do those words even mean? Who will set the rules? By what standards? Didn't the whole crypto industry start, partially or even largely, because there are so many underprivileged people around the world who are labeled "incompetent" and "not worthy" by the 1%?

Just to be clear, according to Phezzan Discord server rules, points in the Google Doc will be deducted because of inactivity. The Phezzan team did not enforce that rule and probably will not in the future because all contributor roles will be reset every few months anyway. Deduction of points is very different from removing members from this server.

c) Conclusion

The Phezzan team created Phezzan Discord server #how-to-role channel with the help of the community ( there was a public discussion about role system in Phezzan Discord server #role-system-discussion channel) to encourage activity, but punishing inactivity is a dangerous road that we believe is against the spirit of crypto and DeFi.

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